Design & development of metal nanoparticles

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About us

Torskal is a biotechnology company, based in Reunion Island. The company corporate purpose is the design & development of metal (gold) nanoparticles by ecofriendly processes, respectful for the environment. All the scientific projects led by Torskal aim at using the strong potential of endemic plants from La Réunion in order to develop products. The medicinal plants from La Réunion are well known all over the world for the quality of their compounds. More than 20 medicinal plants found in La Réunion were recently registered in the French Pharmacopoeia, thus demonstrating the great biodiversity and the interest in the active principles of these plants.

Our team

Dr Anne-Laure MOREL

Founder president and scientific coordinator of the chemistry and physics of materials.

She graduated from a PhD degree and worked in valorization of research in tax consulting firm in Paris, then in business incubator in La Réunion (department of french overseas). She holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris VI) and a Master’s Degree in Structural Biochemistry from the University of Bordeaux II. She completed her career with a master’s in business strategy and management. During her previous experience in research taxation (CIR, JEI, CII) and in innovation marketing at the consulting firms Ayming (ex Alma Consulting Group) and D&Consultants, she was in charge of Research Tax Credit of SMEs and major accounts, and the realization of market studies, study of diversification of activity on behalf of scientific project leaders and SME in biotech. The management of the CYROI business incubator was entrusted to her in 2014, when she was asked to renew the AFNOR NF X 50770 certification and to double the portfolio of biotech companies in La Réunion.

Dr. Christophe DUGUE , associate

General manager and lawyer

Christophe Dugué is responsible for regulatory affairs and holds a PhD in biology from the University of Western Brittany. He is also graduated from CEIPI for patents and holds a master’s degree in business law from the University of La Réunion. He is co-founder president of a biotech company (PEACCEL). One of its missions to CYROI was the creation of the business incubator CBTECH and the development and implementation of a quality procedure to streamline its operation, resulting in obtaining the certification AFNOR NF X 50770.Participating in the company’s scientific orientations, he is responsible for the valuation of Torskal’s intangible asset and negotiates the research contracts with the various partners.


R & D Manager in Phytochemistry and Biology

Sophie Giraud holds a PhD in phytochemistry from the University of La Réunion and a master’s degree in cosmetology from the University of Montpellier 2.

Specialized in phytochemistry, she was introduced in networks of local traditional healer and masters the local pharmacopoeia.

Her previous work as researcher in APLAMEDOM (Association of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants of La Réunion) and LCSNSA put her at the heart of the project consisting in registrating local plants in french pharmacopoeia. With this experience, Sophie Giraud is at the interface of relations between Tradipraticians and the socio-economic actors of medicinal plants.


R&D Manager in material physic & chemistry

Jolanda Spadavecchia is in charge of research within the SBMB team led by Prof. Marc Lamy of La Chapelle- CSPBAT, CNRS, University of Paris 13

She began her scientific training at the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Bari in Italy under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Naso.  Since 2010, she is a senior researcher for the CNRS. Her research focuses on the synthesis of organic compounds, pharmaceutical biomolecules, gold nanoparticles, PLGA-PEG nanoparticles, hybrid nanoparticles for drug delivery, sensor and characterization applications, DNA. Another research activity is devoted to the synthesis of TiO2 Nanocrystals and Nanohybrid System and chemical functionalization on bio-interface. Very active on the international scene (TCD-Dublin (St.James Hospital) in Nanomedicine and Cancer Therapy for the development of new nanovectors), Jolanda actively participated and published with TCD-Dublin in FP-7 Q Nano infrastructure for nanotheranostics . Dr Jolanda Spadavecchia and Professor Marc Lamy of La Chapelle have both contributed their scientific work in chemistry and physics of materials since the creation of Torskal. Jolanda has supervised 4 PhD theses and 6 Master’s degrees in Nanotechnology-Bio-Interfaces, Biology and Therapeutics. She is co-author of more than 66 publications and 80 lectures. Index H 25.

Dr Dimitri KOSHEL

Our work

The company Torskal targets two distinct markets: health and cosmetics by proposing a declination of the same technological brick (gold nanoparticles), according to market expectations:

-nanotheranostics (ie compounds with dual action of medical diagnosis and therapy) for oncology application. While scientific priority is attached to the development of a molecule for health, commercial activity also extends to the field of cosmetics.

-nanoparticles as cosmetic ingredients used in the formulation of cosmetic creams of premium range (or other exceptional care in luxury cosmetics) addressed to mature skin because of anti-aging claims.

The third offer of the company concerns the supply of gold nanoparticles. Our clients are, for the moment, other local scientific research groups.



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Chief Executive Officer
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